My new Kmix!

For a long time I have wanted a stand mixer. I am most definitely an amateur baker but after watching Great British Bake Off and Nigella the dream was to own a KitchenAid.

For my 26th birthday however, I received a Kmix food processor. It looked pretty swish, and it worked really well. When the time came to buy a stand mixer I was drawn to the Kmix stand mixer. It was considerably cheaper (by over £100 pounds) and the reviews were excellent. It also comes with 5 years guarantee. I quickly ordered the Kmix whilst it was on special offer, and haven’t looked back!

I have only baked a couple of cakes with the new Kmix but it was just so much easier; long gone are the days of having to cream butter and sugar by hand!

So far I have made a chocolate and pomegranate cake, apple and fudge muffins and a blueberry cake.

The recipes and photos of the cakes are below.

Reciepe Martha Collinson
Martha Collinson Recipe
Waitrose reciepe
Waitrose recipe
Kenwod Kmix
Kenwod Kmix
My new Kmix!

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