Restaurant review: Granger and Co Clerkenwell

I recently came across the blog ‘The Londoner’. It follows the life of a young woman called Rosie (a girl who I presume is a similar age to me) living in London. Our lives have certain similarities: we love London, all that London has to offer, and most importantly food. My life, however, is not as glamorous and my job far more real. For me, the blog provides an escape into another world, and ideas of places to visit and restaurants to eat in.

One of the restaurants which often pops up on Rosie Londoner’s instagram page is Granger and Co Nottinghill. I often drool over the photos she posts, mostly the photos of soft, fluffy, sumptuous ricotta pancakes (the restaurant is particularly infamous for its brunches).

Unusually, last Friday, I wasn’t working, and I booked a table at Granger and Co Clerkenwell. This is the sister restaurant to the Granger and Co Nottinghill branch, and conveniently located close to Farringdon station. A table is easy to reserve and the menu at the two restaurants nearly identical.

The restaurant has a fantastic atmosphere. We walked in and were immediately greeted by the restaurant manager. The dim lighting, tall long windows and cool bar made it seem glamorous, chic and vibrant. It was also a good level of busy, enough people to create an atmosphere, but not so busy that I couldn’t hear the other person I was with talk.

We were shown to our table. The waitress was helpful, and obviously knew the different types of wine on the menu. She recommended a delicious wine, a sweet pinot gris – a New World wine from New Zealand.

For main I chose the five spice shin of beef, and for desert a salted caramel chocolate pot. The food was definitely good. The beef flavoursome and immediately fell apart. The chilli spiced green peas and smooth mash potato made for a delicious combination. The food was simple, and similar to something I would make at home. It was good comfort food. I wasn’t bowled over by it, or gushing about how good it was. I did, however, love the flavour combinations, and I would not have put them together myself. The salted caramel chocolate pot was smooth, rich, and indulgent. I love salt and sweet together, it was perfectly balanced.

Salted caramel chocolate pot with butter biscuits

I am not sure if I would choose to go to Granger and Co again. I am also not sure its deserving of its relatively expensive price tag; my main was £20 and I have been to other restaurants in London which are better and not so expensive (Polpo, Flat Iron, Shoryu Ramen, Bistro Union etc etc). That said, I would happily go again if someone invited me there, and I would definitely not discourage anyone from eating there either! A solid 7/10.

Restaurant review: Granger and Co Clerkenwell

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